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Summary of 2009 Legislative Agenda  
1/15/2009 9:51:00 AM  


10% of Budget Growth to Transportation: Requires the Governor to dedicate at least 10% of increased state spending/budget growth to transportation, above and beyond the prior year's appropriated amount for roads, rail, and transit. (HB 2206)

Teleworking Tax Credit: Provides income tax credit to businesses who allow their employees to work from home. (SB 1097)

Transportation Trust Fund: A Constitutional Amendment locking up the transportation trust fund, preventing those funds from being used for non-transportation related purposes. (HB 620)

Lowering Taxes

The Keep Our Promise Act of 2009: Restores the program to completely phase out the car tax and eliminates all caps on that relief. (HB 2203)

Repeal of BPOL Tax: Repeals the tax established to pay for Virginia's efforts in the War of 1812. This is an unfair tax that requires even unprofitable businesses to pay. (HB 2205)

Real Estate Property Tax Cap: Legislation that imposes a one percent plus inflation limit on the increase in property/home value assessments, and a one percent limit on increase in the property tax rate annually until the property is sold or significantly improved upon. (HJ 709)

Supporting our Military

Property Tax Exemption for 100% Disabled Vets: This bill will bring Virginia in line with other states that give 100% disabled veterans personal property tax and real estate tax exemptions. (HJ 648)

Improving Education

Require 65% of each education dollar be spent in the classroom: Require school districts to spend at least 65 cents of every K-12 education dollar in the classroom. This would result in an influx of education resources into the classroom, without a tax increase. (HB 2204)

Making Health Care more Affordable

Mandate-lite, no mandate health insurance: This legislation would permit small businesses who are not providing health insurance to their employees to obtain a no-mandate or mandate-lite health plan, which is more affordable, enabling them to provide health care to the uninsured. (HB 2209)

Budget & Spending Reform

General Assembly Budget Office: Establishes a legislative budget office as a check to the executive budget office. (HB 2207)

Spending limits on local and state government: This constitutional amendment would limit the growth of state and local government budgets, allowing for deposits into "rainy day" or savings account funds, but then requiring taxpayer refunds for excess amounts collected. (HB 710)

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